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Satisfaction that you would have if you're in that front office or if you're a fan and you made it happen for yourself with the shawn watson wool what does anybody in indianapolis have the brag about with peyton manning andrew lock at didn't take guts that didn't take creativity number one overall you take the consensus number one guy maybe you dodged a bullet in ryan leaf but it's worth noting ryan leaf gave you red flag after red flag after warning sign after warning sign in the lead up to the predraft processed peyton manning was the pick andrew luck was the pick i don't care if our g three was there or not so indianapolis you locked into your fortune peyton manning andrew lock tampa bay look into their fortune with jamus winston tampa bay outside of the colts the clippers like what are the worst run franchises in all of pro sports think about the way that post john gruden they started hiring and firing guys and they had ricky more than they had lovey smith and then they bring endure cutter there were three and five three eight coaches in five years foreign six four had coaches in five years like that's not the way that you on your business but because you get jamus winston will now there a dark horse candidate to win the nfc next year this is the way that it goes for an indianapolis or at tampa or a tennessee where you're ownership situation is so bad and so dysfunctional your scaring away top candidates for the job josh daniels didn't want that job chipped kelly whatever you think of them post philadelphia eagles post san francisco forty nine ers he didn't want the job it's a mike malarkey ends up backing into the job completely over his skis but you get more cause morio to okay i mean the way the eu as a texans fan and if you're within the texans runoff is rick smith bill o'brien bob mcnair cal mcnair the satisfaction that you'd be able to have if the shawn watson hits and if you start making.

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