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To the PODCAST. I'm your host Billy Curvy Ak Bill Kirby Aka William Billy Bill Kirby. Bill Enator Aka Sorry bill in nature I mean Kurban ater and we also have the Tomcat Aka. Tom Dumps in. Okay folks the guy in front of you is Tommy. You'll be taking you through my little spiel here. Tommy is a Scorpio. He likes biking and he's never been laid and what about seatbelts fastened. Take the little Adnan. Stick it in the big end and you know what you guys don't know how to use a seatbelt. Ring Your Call Button and Tommy will come back there and and the head of the Tack Hammer Kasuri Retard. Right on the head. Yeah all right the deck tech retarded. All they get mad we got mad. We're drinking on some stock and barrel new is. It's not just the barrel liquor at a while on this bitch but okay and I wonder why I wonder why we haven't had liquor Tom. We also have beers for later. But we'll see a couple of Bir. It's the blue bottle. We're also watching Tommy boy because we are covering Chris Farley David. One of my favorites too. And it's going to be a super super lighter episode until it's not it might get sad the end. I was watching that documentary with him earlier. Today eight Shikata Motion Farley. I got a little emotional sad stuff. But why are we doing this We're always reviewing the famous dead. That is a series that we've already started with Sydney antsy and stuff. We're going to keep going on it like. Tom will jump in there and do some celebrities desk people who related to so why. We're especially doing this wine and why. I've always wanted to do this because you know it was disturbing kind of the way he died in you know he was denied an fucking floor. A hotel thing is like we'll get to that resonates with us more significantly to like we used to white special ladies and like they're just nothing but little guy in big coach so that's why like in the skinny guy so when we're working together at restaurants we're young cats and shit he used to go for. Billy would go for a smoke with all my jacket and you'd be like skinny guy big like you know because I'm a bigger than billy. Obviously he's a little stick bug so it's a little different now. I grew a few feet since his name was Christopher Crosby Farley so he forced on February fifteenth. Oh I thought it was Valentine's Day nineteen sixty four and we'll get to his death later died in nineteen ninety seven. But that's why like also I was like. Oh the good time and do this. His birthday's literally coming up. Yeah so just kind of get idea do this. He was an American actor and comedian earlier is known for his loud. His luxury yacht. Energetic comedy style was a member of Chicago's second city theatre. Second City was like where Bob and Doug Mckenzie we got her name from came from was SETV so second city. And they used to like fucking Rick Moranis and Paul Thomas Doug to fuckers names that would they came from and it's kind of interesting. That's why we took this name. But they were on second city also. A lot of people started there. And it was kind of Improv Improv. Yeah it's a lot of Improv. But well more or less. Just Chris. Farley played Chris Farley did a lot more prevalent so so much as they say right like a lot of the read their skits. They did their skills. But it's all just Kinda skit comedy if you've never seen Saturday night live but skit but he was also a cast member of NBC sketch. Comedy show obviously Saturday night live between nineteen ninety nine in one thousand nine hundred five. He went on to pursue a film career in nineteen ninety. Five nine hundred ninety nine hundred ninety five. He went to pursue a film career starring in such films as Tommy Boy Black Sheep and Beverly Hills Ninja Beverly Hills Ninja on my favorites. There was like the last one he did before he died. I know it's not actually did another one. There's another one in. I've only seen once body. What's not only those his movie. Yeah it was. I don't think he did another one. Did almost heroes. Yeah almost heroes. That's it yeah. After his death in ninety seven his final completed films almost here isn't dirty work released in ninety eight respectively. So he didn't. So what did he do half these movies now? He did it all but they finally cut it and put it into production share. Okay so yeah. It was almost heroes. I WANNA watch before but I wanted to watch owners. I've heard of dirty work. We should watch those for sure though. Honestly but Farley on forcing died of an overdose at the age of thirty three which we'll get to later but farley born on that is so young. I'm fucking nearly four years away from that Billy Strip in. He's getting his wife Beater again. Which is the wife beaters author so nice? He likes to beat. His wives turned to three wives. He hides in his basement. One's name is Clich Mar. What necessity and the other. One is bar video theo. Theo girdled on ginger. Real Safari was born. Agree said but very fifteen ninety sixty four in Madison Wisconsin. Wisconsin boy that serial killer land man while Syracuse from Wisconsin. Jeffrey Dahmer. I think a lot of serial killers anywhere fucking Middle Eastern Boardman grew up in maple bluff his father Thomas John Farley senior actually. Wow that's kinda crazy. His Dad died two years after him. His dying died in one thousand nine hundred zero Shit Room and they obviously I would think this is just my brain but how his dad and him probably met in the afterlife. Somehow some probably how you know what? I mean the fact that he was probably still hanging around dad. You're dead to come on buddy. I'm on. It's so nice. They've got so many oil company so it makes sense for Tommy Boy in office like his family and his mother Mary. Ann Nin Cosby was a homemaker. He had four siblings ITAMI JUNIOR TOM. Junior Kevin. I think happens the comedian John and Barbara. His cousin Jim is an executive vice. President and and President of global markets at Ford Motor Company is definitely directed towards Chris. Farley's life and what he was doing and stuff because he works in isn't really a real company. I thought it was but Callahan that many many times. I don't fucking know the call again in color again. For at least families Romaine Roman Catholic in of Irish and Scottish descent Farley attended Catholic schools in his hometown that was pretty much like the growing. He attended the Catholic schools in Canada. Along with Chris. Wrong road trip. Farley was one of the new stuff Saturday night. Live cast members announced in spring nine hundred ninety s now farley frequently collaborated with fellow cast members. Adam Sandler Chris Rock Tim Meadows Donahue. You are sorry but Robert Does Rob Schneider and David Spade so just Hugh that in Mitch thank you back. Our talls needs sleepy. We go way. Let me sleep. What this. Oh It's a nice that's full-service yeah it's a full service hotel when we blew off that shit so fuck it funny. That makes you laugh. David spade him. We're very fucking good friends. And that's why you know. Billy is the David Spade to my Chris Farley so technically so and the cane he was known as the bad boy they were known as the bad boys. Snl especially Chris. Farley was the bad lots of drugs and famous farley characters. Was Todd O'Connor superfan. That's the bears five pairs countries. Like he's had a fucking heart attack before could second time today. Marc I had had a good stretch there for six months or a could not. I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop saying bears the bears just in any situations Kane. Can you go grab that from me? I'd be like yeah for payers. There's a group of stereotypical CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO. Chicago wins who constantly shouted DUB bears that bears. He's also the Chippendales dancer which one of my soon catches ever famous sketch. You guys can look it up. There's no club to is them dancing. Can you stop with two big? Knock it hats. I gotta get a picture with you. Eighty said phones as fuck off. He's my eighties headphones. The world doesn't deserve CDs headphones. Ship the patterns you which even like I think it was. Mike Myers.

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