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You're very patriotic. We're very proud to be part of the United States. And you said it contributed to your, your sense of self discipline sort of helped you carry on the things you learn through boxing. So now what happens when you get out of the army, I. At the time I was going to yell eighty Soviet. When I was seventeen and she was fourteen and that was my first love. Yeah, I it was popular with internet to be the real thing. I guess, in anything you've been married, how many years? Been married fifty four years. It's amazing. Wonderful relationships are now you get out your high school sweetheart. So is she supportive of your boxing career? What is she she? She did not know boxing, when she first met me because he said he was thin. And looked that you kinda kinda kinda skinny I dunno. Couple of your body. It was it was the beginning of my join my longer anyway. Now we ended up getting sixty sixty five year out of the service and now now you're gonna what are you going to pursue? If you decide you're not gonna go into continue to be performed. I continue to professional boxing, and I had a couple of more fights changed. A couple of times if have an eighteen Rick it hasn't professional and people say, wow. One defeat back play and your career. And you went undefeated after that. Why did you quit? It was not in bandages about three or four times looking for somebody to write down Brexit didn't happen. Skirt. Let me ask you a question, just to educate our audience is a manager and a matchmaker, because I don't think that people, quite understand behind the scenes like they don't understand behind the scenes and show biz. It's not just the perform. There are people that there's decisions that have to be made and, and to go. She acions and all those things that people don't quite understand the difference between a manager and a matchmaker promoter. How does that work? He didn't have a good manager to be pretty well connected with promoters. And with the. Have a good manager, who doesn't have any relationship with promoters. Fight fight. Imagine square motives, who put these together. And of course, you can find Indiana's you pretty pretty decent fight to find decent and phony message. Quake on professional was when I lost difficult to overcome promoters. So anyway, I didn't get the right management team behind me. And then it before you buy. I'm to make a move now. Here we are. Nineteen sixty seven around it. I'm not going to wear sixty eight. Packed in. At the museum, and it was a city job, most people who stayed pension to continue fighting before I love that you love the sport. I finally quit boxing and that's my wife. Oh, I got into and visit visit to get involved with Thai working part time job with exterminating company. Really bronx. And what happened was I was so boxing job before, you know, it getting my own plan, and I did pretty good with it. I had a nice clientele and personnel, two daughters at the time they were young babies and one of my customers said business, and that's it was a dignified. It made me an offer made me an offer that took Brooke. On paying all cash, and one day that I thought the whole deal was done deal payment buddy, had a big shopping reason. Twenty fifty I come home that day. On the floor playing with my two little girls and liberal I opened a door shopping bag. Top of Sylvia, and she's my gosh, she started screaming. Visit, what are we gonna do now that you talk about wanting to go back to Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico? To grow your brother. That said they want to go there. We can get a job working the hotel industry as a business with the kiss at a hotel. Should we know we made a move to Puerto Rico? You went back to Puerto Rico would not back for her. So what, what are we gonna do for me, because I have never been to a couple of days taking a job at the hotel, and before, you know, it, I was working my way through from front front desk. Learn to his manager position on reservations manager trade real quick. And before you know it again, I wanna come back into boxing. I want to make a comeback really under the hotel loop bureau. Who was the hotel corporation included, kiss and palace hotel. He said, I forget the front and I want to see if you qualify. Maybe managing to make a comeback. He said, well, why are you? My resume resume. He comes out to the front desk for about four five friends. He's coming down. Quartet in front. In trouble. And before you know, it come back into ring, again, finding my last professional fight, which I want problem Sylvia, how family they all got why could be difficult to watch. If your family and I want to get hurt me with a piece of cake. That was my last profile decided to give it up to please them than anything else. And before you know it wanted to Joe continues. I don't want to continue. So he says, you gotta make sure you get to the top before you know what about you later. I'm assistant manager at a hotel and twenty years, I'm meeting. Personable guy could see everybody getting along with everybody and everybody, especially if people love the fact that your background, so colorful, always attracted to dynamic, colorful, people. And that's I've always known you to be that kind of person happy. We had the American Airlines classics about my wife's up the whole chose. Well, she was the health of. But it cost American Airlines golf classics celebrities coming down. I remember him as head. Imagine coming down Willie Mays feels how Bobby BAAs Brooks Robinson Clemente's. You. Legendary end up becoming good friends that play the American flag. Tournaments, and it was really a great thing. I'm this anomaly. And it's a long story short. I got to hang out with the best me, the sweets. I would bring in. Jodi manager Willie Mays else at.

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