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Jeremy Every Friday with Tolbert and Lund on KNB are six eighty San Francisco HD two and Matteo on Cumulus, station Plummy. John Miller Jared Jan here in Arizona giants lead this game shooter one and they are threatening for more Jake deep benches could not find the strike zone Even though the one out he got he got on a called strike three. That the stat cast rights zone thought was not a strike. And a pitch that in that area has not been called a strike all game until that moment so he, even got lucky just to get. His one out then he walked two in a row in the. Middle of that committed a an error on, a bad pickoff throw and throw a wild, pitch, so the giants. Have Slater at third Duggar at first hundred patents the pinch hitter middle infield, n, beyond normal double play depth were in the seventh inning, two two one giants great chance for at least one more Ziglar steps off pants Who has had a knack. For these spots Pence has been a pretty good pinch hitter for. The giants he is five for twenty two, and a couple of runs batted in he's, got, one home run. On the year giants aren't looking for a home run here The pitch he swings and drives run to center field moving back, quickly as Pollock plenty deep to get the. Run home folic catches tagging, at third is Slater he'll come into score very well done by. Hunter pads it's three. To one giants he.

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