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What they did do, which Houston was not able to do that. We four into the patriots is a say to the pats, we will. Not let gronk beat us again, it's kinda the patriots thing. What do you do best? We want to take it away. We won't let grunk beat us. Let see what Jacob Hollister can do. Let's see what James white can do. Let's see. Philip door set can do and the Texans couldn't do it the week before gronk dominated that game for the patriots and lead them to the victory this week without gronk you all of a sudden saw pets team, oh, this is where they're missing out on. This is where they miss Brandin cooks. This is where maybe they missed Dion Lewis. And I brought up the Texans game couple times just because we talked after week one. We don't know what week, one games who they mean more about. Do they mean more about the one that team that lost after you saw how Houston played this week against a Blaine gabbert led titans team. You start even to look at the patriots and week one and that victory little bit differently. And you see the Jags who really both sides of the ball had an excellent game plan and executed. As well as you could have hoped for them, Nick Minchin the water Seaver is is there anything that stuck out for you that actually concerns you about this patriots team after what you saw? Or was this just a loss and they move on from it. It's just a law shift to spread it around the Jags Ray would take advantage of the offensive line. You know, they were not dominant. If you look at running the ball, the patriots long game was fifteen yards. Passing the ball, long game, twenty nine yard. So we can sit there and blame it on the wide receivers, but we don't expect to be spectacular. No, that's who Tom Brady has. That's the people. Now we give them credit when they do well against Texans oldish spread the ball out. Philip Dorsett had a career high end catches, no, this is who they are. They miss adamant because with gronk being limited and they didn't get the ball to the running backs out of the backfield as much. But you have to give Jacksonville credit. They outside why receivers for New England. We're not a threat against this Jags d and the while it doesn't show up in the box. Score because the Jags I think just had a couple of sacks and three other quarterback hurries to Chris's point about the offensive line that those numbers are where they are because Brady so good at getting it out quickly. But he was under duress. They were collapsing the pocket quickly. And so some of those offense of line questions we had for the pats coming into the season. They're great, offensive line coach, Dante scar Nekia. Notwithstanding those you started to see, okay, that's why there was a level of concern at their left tackle position. That's why there was a level of concern. Now, most teams don't have Jacksonville front and clay Campbell out their dominating people. But you saw a lot of the things that we were like about the patriots rear their head in this this week. Now, with that said, they get Detroit Miami and then that'll men's back. So at least on the receiving core, some of it will be better couple of weeks from now. Jacksonville Jaguars are to know as they beat the patriots in week two. We'll talk much more about that coming up. But on the other side, how was Dak Prescott able to right the ship with a win over the New York Giants. Next on first things. First. We're gonna get to Dak in the Cowboys in a minute, but first Jaguars ride receiver. Keelan Cole makes an unbelievable one handed cats watch it again. I mean this rampant in the NFL see that is the best one of the year. Yeah, that's that's the best one of the year. I mean, that's OB j. going down to sideline. It'll be Jay's. Now the ball's traveling furthest velocity. The ball is harder, but that was nice and then went on to have a great game. Absolutely. I mean, I laughed at the idea that he could be your number one receiver. He looked like it yesterday, credit to him Vikings Packers. Kirk cousins to Adam, feeling twenty two yards look at. It's not eighty million, but that's right..

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