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Have your tools already it's worth checking out sumo logic and seeing if you can leverage your data even more effectively with real time dashboards and monitoring and improved observability to improve the up time of your application and keep your day to day runtime more secure checkout sumo logic dot com slash s e daily for a free thirty day trial of sumo logic find out how sumo logic improve your productivity in your application observability whenever you run your applications that's sumo logic dot com slash s daily thank you to sumo logic for being a sponsor of software engineering daily what you're describing is that in crypto currency there may or may not be proprietary data feeds that will be useful but what they're definitely is is an avalanche of information that is available to the public and that information may not be easy to parse so you know even the example of white listing people who are clearly interesting within the crypto currency discussion community i think that's a useful tool i think if you talk about building a system that can accurately measure get hub activity or the activity of the commitment community or even the activity in get discussions which may or may not you know like you have this this theory in theory debate raging right now around and some governance issues i know and that's important developments that may or may not be measured in traditional metrics around how much activity is going on in a repository so you've got all this information they need to be marshalled and centralized hopefully into some single pane of glass that you can interact with as a crypto currency trader rather than always having to have fifty tabs open and have your browser be your bloomberg terminal and i think the other aspect of a product that you have a chance to build is a really nice you i that is purpose built for this effort so maybe you could talk from a top down perspective when somebody logs into santa ment what kinds of information do they want to be met with when they open up the santa moment.

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