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With our national anthem performed today by the Irish press choir under the direction of Lisa Max field what the star spangled banner here today in Milwaukee Wisconsin Miller park with the roof open it is a very nice summer day is not quite as humid as it was yesterday answer the brewers will play for the final time of the regular season here in twenty nineteen Bruce course of already been to oracle park in San Francisco so this is the last regular season meeting between these two teams it's only trip to Miller park the end of twenty nineteen we give you the starting lineups a quick message sponsored by Hansard Bridget lawyers your life is copyrighted broadcast is presented by authority of the San Francisco Giants may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form the accounts of descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the San Francisco Giants umpires mark Carlson is behind home plate for today's game Tripp gives in the hard first right Gorman the crew chief is at second band may is the umpire on the third baseline there will be plenty of action across big league baseball to tell you about on our Toyota out of town scoreboard to keep you posted with games as we go along there are several that have already started playing in Philadelphia the Phillies and the nationals after last night's rate come from behind win for the **** may not quite be a must win for the Phillies but it sure feels like a big game for them J. Kerry out on the mound it try to pitch their injury no score there on the top of the fourth inning at citizens bank park as they call it Yankees to blue jays nothing bottom for the end of the Bronx the rays have eight to nothing lead in Baltimore over the Orioles there in the top of the or the now the bottom of the fourth inning at Camden yards and that's one Marlins won three three in Miami Cleveland with the one that thing lead over the twins at the top of the fourth that feels like a very big game for Cleveland they were so hot before the all star break hosting the twins is we get a chance to move much closer and yet they dropped two games in a row so they are now seven and a half games back of Minnesota in the American League central they're in the fourth inning leading the twins wanted nothing dynamax a cardinals we get started here momentarily so will the Royals and the Tigers and the cubs at home against the pirates and then a little bit later Astros in Arlington to take on the Rangers Reds and Rockies after a wild night last night at course field will play the finality of that series white Sox in AZ in Oakland angels hosting the mariners Padres at home against the Braves and the Sunday night game is Dodgers red Sox from Fenway Park young Jenna review against David price great pitching matchup in the series finale the World Series a rematch from last year were ready to go you're just seen the brewers started pitches the branded Valdez swings at the first pitch and it's a high fly ball medium deep left center field coming over is.

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