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For humanity. Save the children s SP p statement from what as reflect on the events of hurricane Harvey. One year ago, the memories of destruction and devastation remain, but they are company by members of hope, selflessness, and the beauty of the human spirit home JJ freaking what way to go. And by the way I love the fact we. I saw it at the hall of fame too. Every. Walter Payton man of the award winner has that logo of the award, a patch that they wear on their jersey. We saw we saw some pins on the guys who are in the pro football fame, they pinned it on their on their their goal jackets, love it. Great idea on my show last night pretty awesome and JJ watt. That's great. Forty one million. It's all been dispensed and mission mission taking care of on about accomplished. I'm sure there's still lots more to be done in that area, but great job. What else you have over the college? Football news, four to state t- ACC teams wondering they're starting quarterbacks are for to state the Andre Francois. Remember he got hurt in the opener last year against Alabama. Yes and Clemson Dabbagh was on. Was it last week before? Just wondering who is starts going Kelly? Bryant starting the opener against Furman k. as in Florida state finishes the first weekend of college football on Labor Day night on ESPN getting you used to watch games on Monday nights, ready, Virginia Tech, and Florida state. Well, it's like manage nobly has retired officially. Okay. Looks like we might have a price point for tiger verse fill over thanksgiving. Jim Miller tweeting out twenty four ninety nine for Tigers Phil.

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