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Certain states open account with express bet new zeidan state such activities legal void where prohibited national gambling support line eight hundred five two two forty seven now back to where he would be on sirius xm radio by the thing about our map you in they knew that recession and then slow lookout sectionals rainy weather i'm not going to get in on the landing occupationally depends on you again in the back of the races past the top of the hour on this one day last week could be the first half of the year on the broadcast front will take off next week before saratoga opens and then the following week of course delmore get started and that means funding the sun figuratively and literally express bet with the big summer action that we look forward to we always look forward to talking to johnny who is still basking in the afterglow of royal ask ever since he went and was was part of the royal meeting he he's he's become may at the and unbelievable anglophile good morning no i don't know what you know what that angle i don't like animals that much not a big fan of anchorage and i do like royal ascot stevie are the wedding was firing a so happy because of the weather this weekend for those of us on the east coast weather this weekend it's it was the best we've had all year so far and i was so happy because i know it must have been beautiful for the wedding shopping or not so much for you but thirteen because a heavier son get married on a glorious day and i hope without side by any chance summer outside because what a gorgeous day yeah no thank you the whole thing was outside and a there is a lot about it that was particularly fun of me for me it's the first it's the first function of of that kind that i've been involved in you close it you know yes my marriage as a you know as a vaccine stepfather but you know it's been long enough that we were teen and i are together a it's gonna be twelve years this this summer at saratoga and you know so i've seen him grow up thirty two an yeah i really felt like i felt like a father a biological are not an a you know i went to school there i went to school upstate the wedding was right outside of chasm elvia and so we we stayed by hamilton by colgate and and so it just it just felt so familiar in the firm that front you know really really enjoyable and and the friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at the rooster in which is just an exquisite they they do such a fabulous job and then it was kind of a a kind of a country side setting at something called our farm and a goal score goal ubs a our farm and they they host that kind of outdoor function beautiful with barnes and and like a pasture really nice a and then yesterday we went back to the bruce prefer a bunch the wrap everything up so it was a perfect you know whatever forty eight hours from friday afternoon till till noon yesterday and people have been very kind of you know expressing a best wishes to the kids they're up at lake placid for the week they were there up in the north country their honeymoon so we wish him all the best very nice career very nice to hear that one forty eight hours and then before that there were there were the five day a four days tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday five days if i get a broadcast on both nbc and nbc sports network you're right ever since again when i visited 'em i've been treated by the buyout skit any yeah i see you know.

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