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The. Personally owned by the president. Oh one. Oh, wow. John about. Power really started getting questions when he called fired. They weren't fired. That's like the first time he'd done that at think. But. Well. Your name in the president's mouth. A lie about the crowd size. Find the president's rallies. What do the peop- states bidding that that was like a weird night because I found so the president's hacked me for tweeting something snarky and actually it was great because I've learned to really hate reply guy culture, where the president says something, and you do it you, sir. I don't care anymore. I mean, it's a statement. He makes it I had seen a photo of this rally that wasn't filled in yet. But you could see Trump like scouting in the background. I thought it was him walking into some that wasn't full. And he does like say like it's great crowd, and there's twenty thousand people outside and there aren't there like no people outside. So I just snark once and didn't really think about it. And then actually the Leded in hours later, six hours, seven hours later, a friends Christmas party and people to start texting me, but just like, you know, Twitter insufferable and football game says like damn shit. Oh shit. I was this. And it was weird. Because my check does like, hey, I'd already lead tweet. I do anything wrong. And they said, well don't tweet things that are wrong. But it doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world. But the key thing is you were wrong about the rally. Don't bring down the president. Yes. That's true. It wasn't classic Trump moving the goal post. Because the first he said he believed this they haven't even retracted this. And then he said, yeah. Sorry about that. And he hasn't been fired. Like any bed will be met by another demand. Which is why you can't give them any time. Speaker the house realize. Yeah, that was the first time he said somebody should we have fired and they didn't fire. Well, and that is the beginning of the end of his power. I guess the lesson here is, you know, never snark without thinking or if you start better not this never tweet benefited from tweeting this much I'm here now that helped. Yeah. Benefiting materially from sweetie. Absurd. We'll is pending. And the links cat that I just bought from. No. Without further ado, I should formally introduce our guest for this week its political reporter for the Washington Post, Dave Weigel s good to be here. Much scoops Weigel. Yeah. Got a hat with. S card in the brim. I feel bad because there's this reporter Jimmy V Elkin that the daily news actually does that. And I pointed a photo. No, no insult. It was like a photo of Jilib renouncement Evren looks like crap is wearing a shell suit and a t-shirt and there's one guy who's like, hey, this news and Jimmy and he's a good reporter. And I think he took it personally. I didn't mean that would do that. I would never ever criticize someone for doing the press the press badge thing that rules, and everyone should do it instead of having a fucking Lanier. That's we're so cool. We instead have a neon lanyard with like a big picture. It's like your driver's license with blurrier and like a chip on it that's cooler than a hat. I what oh you've got a badge near rakishly cocktail at I'd much rather. You have a fucking giant necklaces like a Boehner medicine on it. A trade show, that's way, cooler. Dave political reporter was listless talk. Some. Let's talk some politics, man. Oh, man. There's been a lot of politics going on this week, so many there's so many politics folks, check this out. It's only January did, you know, this believe it. I used to be one people who do believe it's Thursday still on Friday. And it's just it's so exhausting now that I'm gonna try it's everyone feels like how all the time some people who would be feeling a little less like hell all workers. All right into see those paychecks into trickle. And as we now have a temporary reprieve longest government shutdown in history. Trump announced saying he would reopen the government for thirty days to give some breathing room. I guess for the negotiations but bottom line, no, no money for the wall. Pelosi basically just she for his slaying. She slayed we'd do not question the character. She has she's Kurt right now..

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