Global Financial System, United States, China discussed on Power Trading Radio


Of massive change to the global financial system and as when the face of united states changing its role as the primary structure primary supporter of the global international system you know as a u s pulls out remember nature of horse a vacuum and so what we see now is that china is stepping in to the role that the us used to take the china's values are very different than those the united states however as we pull back someone is going to step in there and china has been the primary beneficiary of the unilateral actions that the trump administration is taken as we pulled out of the trans pacific partnership we basie handed asia over to china as we pull out of the global climate deal the paris climate accord china has the opportunity to step in and the be could the global leader and near right now as the us dollar gets weaker you know one of the things that's happening is that china is in the process of passing the united states as the largest economy in the world and so that's on track for this year maybe next year but i think it's this year two thousand seventeen and so basically what we're doing west stepping back we're telling the rest of the world that we're gonna take care things ourselves you guys have to take care of this and by doing that by creating a vacuum there's going to be major changes in the global system in international trade and just the economics of what's going on out there and as things.

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