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Amy Cockney Barrel. Americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent Supreme Court. Much more on day one of the confirmation hearing coming up at 5 31, a man suspected in a central is hit and run crash that took the life of Adele. It'll knew of. It appeared in Bond court today. An 88 year old woman in a wheelchair, died when she was struck by a Dodge Ram pickup Friday afternoon. In a ST Charles crosswalk came county prosecutors believe Andrew Jensen was driving that truck and knowingly drove off after without stopping to check on the woman. Police took Jensen into custody over the weekend, and he has been charged with multiple felonies, including leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury or death and failing to report the crash. A judge set his bail at $500,000, and he will be back in court next Tuesday. If Jensen does post bail, he will not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle. Brandon Ice and NewsRadio one or 5.9, FM organizers and Pilsen are staging a caravan tonight in opposition to a plan for sea landmark designation of the area around 18 Street. Moreno, director of Pilsen alliance says residents in the area fear their neighborhood will become more expensive and lower income people will be displaced. If the area gets landmark status, and he feels their voices are not being heated. It could go either way, and I think really, Ah Ah show leadership right on both eyes on the worship of community to come together. Bye and leadership of elected officials responsible. But City Planning Commissioner Maurice Cox says the whole point of landmark status is to protect the Latin ex area from gentrification that has already begun. It would be the first and on Lee From Latino anchored landmark district and the goal is to preserve not on ly buildings, but the people who lived there. The city plans virtual community meetings this Wednesday and next Tuesday. Craig Della more news radio 105.9 FM. It's 5 22 coming up a look a markets in about 90 seconds. J. Foreigner here, CEO of Rocket Mortgage Making The right financial decisions has never been more important. When you turned a rocket mortgage, we can help guide.

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