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Now, I will move back to the main topic of this particular segment crazy stupid idiots, and we are going to go all the way across the penned. I want to tell you the tyro accent that is other cetera soon. She's thirty seven degrees now. I think I have lost it. She's thirty seven years old. Yes. That was not a British act that was a little Scottish, but you know, still British nonetheless. Oy. It's sarah. You go. What is she doing, Sarah? Well, she was she found herself draped across four seats on the Hammersmith and city line recently. Oh, yeah. She was on the London tube. Then. Well. He was on the tube. And I'm gonna leave it at that. So I want to tell you that she she claims Holly before I give you the details. She claimed that what led to her arrest was itchy rash. Oh, an itchy scratchy rational when that happens, especially in public. So here's what happened. A one eyed guy with a seeing eye dog. Haupt onto the train one night and he boarded at Paddington station, and he went to the front of the carriage. And all of a sudden he heard. A bunch of banging noises. Oh, that's scary. Yeah. He was like I thought maybe he said, I was aware of a banging noise. I thought it was maybe something mechanical, but I noticed that to my right. There was a lady who was laying out across three or four seats. There was not anybody standing in the way, I could see her quite clearly he also said I could see. He said he denied that his impaired vision affected what he'd seen. Yeah. Quote, all I could see of her was the top of her wrist area because the rest of her hand was in her trousers. Oh..

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