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Could conceive of writing sound only uses remarkable headed you discover her work well i was interested in the fact that i could not thing amc of a single irish female play right after lady gregory and then i you know and i say after lady gregory because she was a hugely significant figure standing shoulder to shoulder with yates at the start of the abby theater so i said there must be some and i just took out of an a chronology of all of the plays that had been produced at the abbey and for fifty years and i looked for the names of women are her plays known wellknown in ireland today now it went to the extent that they are it's because of the work of them in theater so that's the only reason that they've even been published yes there well you have to there two books two volumes of her plays and these are because of of what you've done there she in 1930 six her her bestknown play katie roach was done at the abbey and resulted in that was published in an anthology famous plays of nineteen thirty six and that resulted in a macmillan publication of three plays of the king of spain's daughter which is one of the places in the suitcase katie roach and hurled one other fulllength play that we have not produced called the wild goose and in the you've now published his books as a publication of the men theater writer theresa de be reclaimed i'm speaking with jonathan bank who is the artistic director of the men theater and also the director of.

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