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Dude. All right. Take care guys. There is Wade Keller from W torch wanted to have him on the show and talk a little bit about wrassling. And I didn't get a little bit of the background estrogen. How's your week? What wonderful week busy? But wonderful wait. Hold onto something weird happening. And I don't understand what it is. In the beginning of the air. Of sheen. To have. Take the gloves screwing up. Oh well I am going to do is call it Townsville mine every single week. Ma-ma. Plead. The podcast, L I'm doubling down and going. Bring it on artist. You you sent me beautiful notes this week. Let's jump right into it with what's going on outside the ring. WWE is getting its own category in the SP's of historically. You know, some athletes have been nominated for, you know, sportsman of the year and those types of categories, but this year WWE has its own category, and four WW superstars are nominated. Who's who's nominated? So I believe the category is a best WW moment. And nominated you have Kofi Kingston for winning the championship at wrestlemainia. You have a Becky Lynch for winning both women's championships. Also, wrestlemainia Rhonda Rowzee, winning the role women's championship at some slant and Roman reigns. Returning to roll after battling leukemia. All right now, you guys are used to me shooting on WWE, you think I'm not gonna shoot on my own company that I'm still actively working at. Can can ESPN make up their mind on WWE like I'm so confused. I mean, our podcast is a stepchild. Though, we're not a step child. We're, we're like a cousin like one of what about an adopted stepchild. It was already adopted and then there's a divorce. And then what do you say? That's fair. Yeah. That's exactly what it was. So there's that, you know, this year for wrestlemainia went and did lots of interviews all day. And all, you know, they don't I know that there's not a big interest in using them on sportscenter or anything like that. They just use them online. And of course, I've been trying to preach to people as many others who work, your a lot of people who work really hard who are probably listening to podcast right now. So I'm not gonna see I'm not going to drag you into my, my beefier by knowing your name in there. But I know you're there. Yeah, you got nothing to lose. I know that. Now, all we, we all want there to be more, and like, you know, wrestlemanias ready sample. I did these interviews. I interviewed Seth Rollins. I interviewed Kofi Kingston, the new day, right after Kofi wins the title amazing interview that they absolutely should have used on TV, too. By the way, that's all you need us. Thirty seconds and show no interest in using on sportscenter. And now WWE gets their own SP category. Now I get it. Something big deal. You can just throw in a category. You know, the WW wrestlers left to come anyway, so maybe it just the deal that they worked out. We're WW had to be cool to do. But either way, I think if you give if you want, if you want the SP's to be taken seriously as a real awards show, and not just for celebrities together than the words mean something, and you add a category for WWE. All right. I like it..

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