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What's popping congregation, welcome back to another installment of scam goddess, and yes, we are doing these remote. Handy I just took a ginger sip from my water very far away from my computer, as I had to buy a new one because I was scammed. By water. This is Lacey Moseley Ak scam got us and I'm super. Excited I always say this for our next guest and I am still excited guy. Southern has a stay normal You've heard her on the strong black podcasts which she hosts by net flicks, and you've seen her all over twitter as broke poverty. One of my favorite twitter accounts to follow I have missed. How are you stupid? Excited to be here? My dream is only to talk about true crime in any form or fashion, and I think this is only the second time I've been able to do it like where? It's welcome expected usually I'm like parties like so. Who Do you think you'll Jon Benet and so this? More appropriate situation to to discuss I'll fall in love a scam. Yes, also what a throwback you at the party like over the KHUDA garage like. Still Thinking was. Ninety one. Base. They'll be making his own stuff about it. Also I do think it was the Brenner just want to say I really do think it was the brother. Acura, shake the foul. Yeah, because I mean nothing, else makes sense, you know right 'cause. Why would they cover it up because Jon? Benet was about to be their cash cow. She's going to get them all the coin exactly exactly. They wake me. Are She was abandoned? Never kill I guess I, shouldn't. OUGHTA Babich. anyways. I like to cancel it at the beginning of the episode. That's. got. Yes, so good. Okay, so you relationship with scams. You would say like you like wh- you like scammers likes game stories. Have you ever been scanned been involved in anything? Oh absolutely? But every time I walk out my door. I live in Brooklyn. Is Pretty much. What happens big facts? Big Facts New York. You have to keep your head on a swivel at all times. I used to live there in on Stanton. For me as I wanted to fight everybody all the time. Yup Yup sounds about right. Nothing has changed in case you. In case you were wondering. Also of my friends are moving to L. A.. I'm like what about me I? Leave me out here to deal with Alex by myself Oh. Eventually we get yo ASS, Tracy! They all have to move at some. Please do. They all have to believe do the light side, but also the dark and. They. All need good mental health at some point, right? Everybody needs a run on canyon and a green juice honey. Eventually we get you. Know Chiefs. Yes. Ma'am yes I'm glad I, see the way your face lights. We met on twitter and I actually was tweeted about the show and people were like. You have to have Tracy Tracy and I already followed. You think you're funny in great on twitter so I was like. Girl, please where album sliding Dianchi. You responded to my. US. Ed quarter of Algiers is. That was like Tom and place I'm a I'm a cheap date. Easy when fast girls you grandmom, award you about. Right I was as well I. think that's what my mom kept me in the house because she was going to be trying to be out here, so I never really got to leave. I did a lot of thanks shutter Tom from my space for making me a coder. You had to get them What do you call it? A where the where the thing is that like the values or whatever? Adam forgot all my mind space academy called Hey. Come on. Mike and Mike Role in text yet did. Everything! souped up page. I had the news I remember. You, back Cassie I've been bad. Move tether laugh that was paid, and Cassie has to thank for her career turns. A. Wow, that is a theory that needs examining. New Pack I had the rotating. Nominate 'cause I'm chaotic good. Actually chaotic. Every time you come to the. New Person and number one. Keep all my friend. GOT TO GOT DON'T SLEEP Guys. Let's get into it. We're GONNA start with our first segment. Here was hot in for Rod, and this actually comes from the L.. A. P. facebook account, which is not a place I like to frequent I really don't fuck with the police. What you you get over to Azure? Shout out to Cheryl Bear my research assistant. She goes places I will not go one of those places. Is the LAPD website I just be scared. Obvious care clicking on what they go, see me you. Literally the other day, a cop was at my neighbor's door. I think they had like a child custody issue. Nothing like crazy, but the daughter like didn't WanNa go to the Daddy. House was I listening to the people absolutely. But. Go what's GonNa, walk and I saw a police officer girl. Why just closed the door back ago? Becker House? You know you know damn well why you just close the door with they can the house. To damn black two walkout confidently when police that close which is fucking Ooh I know is so fucked. There's so much crazy stuff happening in the news, and sadly it's no different than it has been years previous, but I was like. NOPE, not today was like Shaun King about to make me my. Clothes at door. Right there!.

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