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Are like that's not me but you know who that is that's that's tom or sarah or bob or joe and now they are recommending that those people listen to your show so now you're gonna have people that are out there the main be rava tar specifically in the here about your show but then they're going to be on the recruitment path because they're going to have a friends or somebody who does have issue who is struggling with these things in or you're going to have somebody write an article on forbes or something about this like you know this podcast is about teenage you know teenagers struggling with adhd and there's gonna be a teenager this says the goes to google types in podcasts for teenagers about adhd and then of course you're the articles coming up this will be pointing to you because guess what now you stand for something now you have an actual mission you have a focus you have something that you can plant your flag and be proud of and be known for and you can start having people recommend your show to others because they know your show stands for wake when you first responded back to me nobody came to mind because you know 'cause everybody came to mind it was just too like how would i know if a nineteen year old would like your show how they know if thirteen like your show is just two completely different human beings i mean thirteen to seventeen eighteen to nineteen those are just different human beings who like different things but now that i know the shows about adhd about insecurities about fitting in finding mentors i people popping up all over the place who i'm thinking about should be listened to the show because it stands for something now so let's kind of go back was the title of your podcast twenty under twenty's is there any kind of a tagline interviewing young nores.

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