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This is balance of power in the world of politics meets the world of business. I'm David Western. We'll start again today. With the market's really on the upswing. I must say a little is here to explain what's going on boy. We're off to a fresh start this week Abigail. Abigail. Do Little. Keep trying to get because we do want to hear what's going on. The market's been the meantime down in Washington. Maybe hot July, but things are cooling down wash one bit because they've got the US. China trade sanctions going back and forth they got to negotiate a fourth round of stimulus a fiscal package. Oh, by the way there is a presidential election going on. On take through it all we can go now. That is simple Tan Sqi. He Is Policy Director Research at compass. Point so Isaac Welcome. It's good to be here, so there's this back and forth tit for tat sort of us China sanctions, but it does straighten the one thing. Maybe there is bipartisan agreement on washing right now is we don't like China very much. There is a much agreement that we have down here, but but that is undeniably top of the list and I think what we've seen over the past few weeks. Is both parties coalescing around the idea that it is necessary and in the vital national impressed to become? A more aligned when it comes to our policy with China and it's not just here David. It's also our partners around the globe. I think that the EU has been more serious regard..

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