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Confirmed victims of shooting and I'm sad to announce that two of those 16 received a fatal interim police chief Mark Simone. The city's police chief was fired just days ago after an investigation into the death of Daniel Prudent Police custody in March. Hurricane warning in effect for parts of Arkansas The Highland Texas Tropical Storm beta threatening You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed. Cho, Mo Saturday. Good afternoon. It is 12 02. I'm Kelly Bleyer with the top local stories from the Coma. 24 7 News Center. Local tributes for Ruth Bader Ginsburg Continue to pour in. Following her death Comas. Joe Marino talked with one of her former law clerks, Elizabeth Porter, who was now a professor at U Dub. Ginsberg herself faced discrimination coming out of law school and turn that into a lifelong quest for equality for all Americans. I think she wass absolutely the best sort of Patriot. Aside from a storied career, Porter says Ginsberg loved art and music and was surrounded by people She loved. I can celebrate a beautiful, joyous life well lived. Whatever happens next, Professor Porter says she hopes the legitimacy of the Supreme Court doesn't get dragged down by political scheming in the upcoming appointment process. That's comas. Joe Marino reporting, Governor Jay Inslee released a statement on Ginsberg's death, saying, We lost one of the greatest American Patriots to ever serve on the U. S. Supreme Court. Endsley also said quote justice Ginsburg was a public servant who kept America true to its purpose. She never shied away from vigorously dissenting when the court set back the course of justice until he is among the dozens of politicians and celebrities. Taking the social media to mourn Justice Ginsburg. They include former President Bill Clinton, who appointed her Clinton called Ginsberg Magnificent Judge in a wonderful person. Protesters in Portland have returned to the streets after a day's long pause due to poor air quality fromthe wildfires. Police declared an unlawful assembly last night did the U. S Immigration and Customs Enforcement building. Smoke was used to clear the crowd. Less than two weeks ago, Portland's mayor ordered police to stop using two guests for crowd control during protests that have gone on for more than three months. Miners landing along the Seattle waterfront will be closed until further notice. The move comes after the city took a closer look at the pier following the recent collapse of nearby Pier 58. The inspection revealed a potential for damage to the period that houses miners landing on the other side of Pier 58th e Seattle Aquarium, which is on Pier 59 remains open. And continues to operate as normal common whose time is 12 before time to take another look at area roadways.

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