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Well i felt like they were trying to push to read out the door. And maybe even a little like erica jane. To 'cause they're coming in these are serious women and oh you know you're one hundred percent right like they've really upped the ante kathy hilton and crystal and quinn crystal was like if you don't know someone that's like you're not worth knowing. I think that actually is the case for the industry that her and her husband operated in which is film like they're very hollywood whereas a lot of these other women are really famous but not in the movie like you know they probably go to the oscars every year. And i think none of the other women do so. I do think like you're right. We've been elevated to another level where actually like losing some of our favorites like honestly like having that barbecue at doritos. After seeing like crystals like effortless. You know spanish style ranch. Yeah it was just like different yet. Shot shine a light on like some things that we weren't seeing like this. I don't know. I think kyle is very much in the center of this social group now with her sister and i do think that kyle's knows looks amazing. Yeah i think this is the best. Kyle has looked ever ever see that every season. She really is aging backwards. And i hate when people say that but she really is yeah. I didn't notice a big difference. But i'm not good at picking up on like in. I noticed interesting. I never realized. When someone's had worked on i love ourselves so much for not putting up with lisa arenas bullshit like i literally least now. So apologetic of all the things say to knees. She's just like so in the moment and she and she so faked that she thinks having their conversation with carcelle freeze all been more ready to move on. And i love gar- for me like no we had a talk but instill trust her step one. Yeah and when garcia was like how are we gonna come like berate someone who's admitting that what they did was wrong. It's like just like a weird. I mean it's pretty fucking genius like the way that she goes so hard and then. She just like apologizes. Profusely doesn't only only when the work is done. Yeah no and it's like every season it's a new reynaud. She's becoming ramona like last season. It was like she had that breakdown in rome and she was like. I want to be a better friend to you. Denise and then literally annihilated her in her living room and then on the reunion. So i don't trust the at all. They really feel like she thought like for so long. She hitched her image on the show to erica. Jane and jane is worried about her own shit and i feel like lisa is like but honestly irrelevant interesting. I just feel like she'll always do whatever it takes on this show. You know so. I guess it would never be boring when she's around but i understand mike ourselves like that's not a friend that's not someone i would ever trust because she would admit it herself. That like if push comes to shove she might. She might have to turn she look what she did to her friend of twenty years. I don't know anyone could actually be true. Honest friends with lisa arena snowing. What lisa related to denise and even if you don't agree with denise lisa up asked andy to bring denise on the show and then literally after one season her back on her so completely. And i just don't know how anyone would actually want to be friends with lisa arena in real life to to renna so it was a good episode..

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