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He lost forty ten. But yes. there's your pick. Somebody got c. J. methods on back there and forced this so this plan only happens Because of rondo. Carter so you know. Hey by the way the saints are planning on practicing at. At and t. Stadium through wednesday. September which is next wednesday so that is the official status. That obviously the cowboys don't need. At and t. stadium during the week but nice moment from rondo carter christopher lopez rondell. Carter can't be waived he will be claimed while you know that did happen last year but the cowboys they wind up with back So and rich says ron dell's making the fifty-three i'll be honest with you. Like i said we have our fifty three man roster prediction video coming later today. I don't think so. However however this we'll flesh this out in our fifty three man roster prediction video later on today. The dow has a unique spot. Unique is definitely a unique were us. They still currently have four players on the reserve. Cove in nineteen list in cd lamb. Carlos watkins dimande casey and connor williams. Those four players are going to make the roster but they do not count against the roster currently so technically right now the cow technically the cowboys could end with fifty seven players. If that makes sense because those players are still on it the cowboys also have a number of players who they are likely going to try to sneak in stash onto. I are once the season begins so that they can ultimately return. So that is that's a particular that will get you like said once. All that time comes saw loser boss man fat. Yeah kelvin. Joseph and we mentioned getting out of this game healthy and necessarily being the case kelvin. Joseph did leave the game with a groin. Injury was first questionable to return ruled as out not ideal and look. I don't know where this came from. If i'm being honest with you. I like to think we all do a great job tracking the cowboys and everything that's going on. That's literally our job. That's what we do here. You and me were best friends or family. We come here to talk about this. And prior to the preseason game against the arizona cardinals a few weeks ago. All this chatter started to pick up. A calvin joseph was fighting for a roster spot. Nation stations says loser thirty-three yet really rough game for deontay burden really really rough game. But all this chatter started to kind of pop up there kelvin. Joseph was in the mix to be a starter. And i never understood that. I never understood how this could be the case. Because calvin joseph had not really done much as doug says on facebook. He hadn't done much that point in time and got beat against the cardinals by christian kirk and everybody talked about the push off and everything like that and there's nothing that has really happened and i'm not saying that kelvin's bad i'm not saying his music socks or anything like that. But he has not looked good. And i do feel for calvin joseph because the cowboys are in a spot. Now are really cowboys. Fans are in a spot. Where this team missed out on patrick's retain and jc horn. And we're really bummed about that. Right we're pissed and we're pumped about. Michael parsons but it would have been awesome to have another corner top corner right and so we got a corner it was like. Here's my parsons. But here's kelvin. joseph. And we'll be if felt a lot to me. And i'm not trying to paint calvin joseph with this brush but felt a lot like four years ago in two thousand seventeen when the cowboys came back from drafting taco and shoot loser. Who's looked fine. Cincinnati bengals by the way So farley's and so it kind of felt like that whereas like we have to now convince ourselves that this is what we really wanted this combination. Is michael parsons calvin. Joseph combination and thankfully mica has looked awesome. Can't wait to see him. Mike is going to be great. It's going to be superstar defensively. Brian baldinger last week said he thinks he's going to become the most versatile defensive player in the nfl. That's super exciting. Kevin joseph is not really looked. Good and certainly the fact that he's now injured is question. Mark that we're dealing with and we'll see what the situation is there. Never ideally here groin. Injury by that is that is not good now sanjay. Hopefully this is sanjay law. I mean maybe you can offer us some techniques on carrying bricks but sanjay says right is trash talking about nation right and sean right depending on how you pronounce it in a sean also in our losers less. Yeah a rough game. I mean i saw a comment a moment ago. That the cornerbacks all look bad in this game. They did and to be fair. The cowboys corners earlier. We're going against trevor lawrence it. It seemed like jacksonville. Took this game a little bit more seriously than dallas did Which and we've talked about that for months now about how teams are going to approach the preseason because generally speaking this particular game the fourth preseason game for the cowboys at least has been one of total reserves but with other. Nfl teams only playing three in the jaguars in this case where they're going to treat it more seriously. Also there's a bi week. There's no nfl football next week. Maybe nfl teams would treat it a little bit more seriously and it did seem like that was the case with jacksonville. So you do have to kind of take everything that happened with a grain of salt but in the schon riot has had moments Certainly in practice early training camp where we have felt like the cow is definitely saw. Something like dan queen's preferred model definitely was yielding some positive results. And it's still very well. Could this was just not a good game. Finish on up. Beat a lot. Got drags man. There was a point early in the game where me hooker got dragged ultimate meant the tackle but in the sean right got carried and that is not good. I mean in fact. Trevor lawrence number one overall pick obviously but trevor lawrence looks really good. And that's exciting. You know if you're a fan a football But trevor lawrence certainly had his way with the cowboys defensive backs just in a number of different ways.

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