World Travel Family-Family intro and wrap


A family from Canada is enjoying a trip of a lifetime, taking their four children, globetrotting, three of Sebastian pelletier and Edith Lemay's four children have a rare genetic condition, retinitis pigmentosa, RP. It means they will eventually lose their sight. I'm not gonna. Show her elephant in giraffe in boats. I'm gonna go show her in real life. And from that, which is decided to go all in. By all in, she means traveling around the globe. The kids put together a bucket list. Horseback riding. We had learning to serve the sleeping on a train. The highlights so far include safari and Zambia. Hot air balloon in turkey. I have hoped, but I don't want to just wait for it. And then beat is appointed. The family set out on their trip almost a year ago, and so far have been to ten countries. I'm Ed Donahue

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