Gov. Scott Walker: Outreach Efforts by Young America's Foundation


Was very excited to hear that you guys were even going into the middle school campus is now because this is indoctrination is actually starting in preschool and it's only getting worse as the kids get older, so I like it that you guys are even reaching out to middle schoolers these days. Yeah, we've had two conferences for middle school kids up at the Reagan ranch we're having another one this weekend at the Ronald Reagan boy at home. We'll be having another one in June at our office as a virginian participating in Mount Vernon to learn more about George Washington, the founder of our country and obviously the first American president, but we're going to take even further. We're going to not only help middle school students but eventually even have materials for the parents of fourth and 5th graders because you're right they're starting younger and younger and younger. And we're going to counter it, we've got to do that not only at younger ages, but be even better. We're pleased we're the number one conservative youth organization. For example, when it comes to YouTube, that's the number one way this generation gets their information. We just surpassed 1 million subscribers at the beginning of this year. We had over a quarter of a billion billion with a B, quarter of a billion viewers out there in our videos and social media, just this first quarter, that's the way we do an end round around traditional media corporate media outlets around classrooms around union bosses and left wing professors. We've got to be on campus and in the classroom, but also on their devices in ways that young people are paying attention in college and high school and middle school and younger

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