Furman Upsets Virginia in NCAA Tournament


You're doing brackets. Mine already busted, dead dumb. But yeah, it was what we had a couple of big upsets. You had Arizona going down, Princeton, beating Arizona, and then this Furman. By the way, I've got to play this audio. I love a good radio announcer. And we've got the guy they've got for firm and did a terrific job calling the game this huge upset win last night cut number two. Inbounder. Clark gets it in. Gets it back with him. Clark double teamed along the baseline. Those are at the floor. Intersected by heme biggie's for three and the win. With 2.2 to go. 68 67 pounds. Virginia calls its final timeout. They get it into beekman on the right side. His three on the way. No. No. And vermin wins it. Burman wins it. JP McGee's getting involved by his C mates right here in front of us. The palette is winning 68, 67. And not Virginia out of the tournament. Garbage first appearances 1980 will not be one and done. Jump in hoy look at this scene here on the floor. The purple paladins. By the way, a little history here. And by the way, we have all family members working on the show today. But you know, our family, we got a couple of buildings at Furman, named after our ancestors over there, so a big firm in university. We had a lot of our relatives that went to school there played basketball there, so a lot of sports stars back in the day, from Furman University. It used to be a good baptist school.

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