Rep. Barry Moore: Trump Indictment Is a Chance to Heal the Country


Does Trump overcome that? He's still going to have that challenge if he's the nominee going into 24. Well, you know, one of the things I tell her by the process that I went through, the lord says that fuel humble himself, if yourself before him, he will elevate you before man. And so I pray that president Trump gets to a point that maybe the lord does a great working is hard. I think that there's an opportunity here to heal the nation and to reach people that we haven't reached previously. I mean, think about it for many, many years, minorities in communities have claimed that the justice system was weaponized against them. If they step back and look at this for what it is, they see that we're all engraved danger if they can go after Donald Trump, they can go after us. And so we'll see. But we need to pray for the president, but the process I would not be here today had not been through that process in 2014. So the lord of break you to make you to shape you and sometimes you go through some tough times, but I just want the president and his family know that we're praying for him. We're going to support him and I think the American people will show up as well and we'll have a one heck of an election in November 24. Well, and one of the things that got you through it is your amazing spouse. And I know it's not the first time you've heard it. Man, you outkicked your coverage. Brother, listen. The ham sandwiches were her ideas. She's like, hey, let's hand them out. And no doubt, man. The lord is we were a great team. And she's a comms major ran my campaign for your charge. That's how we were able to win with so little money. And one thing I want to mention to people that are paying attention, the speaker rates and how that played out, the Republican conference up here in D.C., the members of 70% of us are new since Trump was elected. So there is a different move in the country. It's more about the American people and representing them and making this nation great again. And I think we need to continue to grow that movement to get behind the president and push back against this weaponization and the attack on liberty that we so appreciate. And Joe, and sometimes I think honestly, take for granted in this country. Well, then

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