Rep. Scott Perry: Biden Has Maxed Out His Credit Limit


We have reached our credit card limit and of course president Biden with the normal Obama kind of viewpoint thinks that we should just increase the credit card limit and just keep spending us into oblivion on things that we don't need. You know, I don't know whether you know this or your listeners know this, but during COVID and stimulus, we spent three quarters of a $1 billion for prisoners for prisoners for their stimulus. I mean, that's the kind of crazy stuff that, you know, it shouldn't even be discussed in Washington yet D.C. yet this guy and The White House says he's not going to negotiate. Well, if he wants to default and if he wants to crash the markets, it'll be his business because I think that we have, look, we should not celebrate this time. We should not celebrate the fact that we've got this debt ceiling raise, you know, essentially paying the bill for what has already been spent by the left. But if we can get these systemic foundational changes, especially the mandatory programs, including the spending caps, we'll get a $1 trillion out of the first year and savings. And four and a half $1 trillion over ten. Now, you never count on what happens in the out years. I know we've been burned plenty of times on that before. But with a $1 trillion in the first year and knowing that the appropriations process is right behind the debt ceiling vote, we have the opportunity finally as Republicans to drive the cost curve down and bring this thing back into balance. And

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