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And now, an overly direct spokesperson for DirecTV. DirecTV has two great ways to get the entertainment you love through satellite or internet. Just like I've got two great ways to deliver my lines. Assertive and assured. Here, listen. Now you can get DirecTV through satellite or internet. And now you can get DirecTV through satellite or... Internet. Yep, still got it. The same great TV, with or without a satellite. Call 1 -800 -DIRECT -TV to guarantee your price for two years. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg .com and the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg Radio. From the Bloomberg Interactive Broker Studios, this is Bloomberg Daybreak for Thursday, June 1st, coming up today. The debt limit deal is close to the finish line after winning passage in the House. Mike Pence is the latest to enter the Republican race for president. Talk of a rate hike pause or a skip grows louder from the Fed. And Elon Musk wraps up his visit to China. Investigators reportedly have a recording of former President Trump admitting he kept a secret military document, plus deadly attacks in Ukraine. I'm Michael Barr. More ahead. I'm John Stashow in sports. The Yankees lost in Seattle 1 -0 in 10 innings. The Mets beat the Phillies. The NBA Finals begin tonight. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg Daybreak. On Bloomberg 11 -3 -0, New York. Bloomberg 99 -1, Washington, D .C. Bloomberg 1061, Boston. Bloomberg 960, San Francisco. Sirius XM 119. And around the world on BloombergRadio .com and via the Bloomberg Business Act. Good Thursday morning. I'm Amy Morris. And I'm Karen Moskow. And U .S. stock index futures are higher this morning. Have a check the market.

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