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Crown haven dot com. I've bear with traffic on the FIS. Follow us on Twitter. The WABC traffic. We are nearing fifty degrees. A right now, we will have cloudy skies today. We're temperatures in the seventies for the weekend. Possible thunderstorms on Sunday the time six thirty seven. Let's check on sports. Mark dighton. What's going on? Sports on WIBC brought to you by Royal spa. Royal spa the fourth seat of Eastern Conference may not be determined by the result of tonight's Pacers Celtics game, but will go a long way in determining who gets homecourt advantage in the first round matchup, vets young talked about how huge win tonight could be one extra game at home. We all know what type of deal that is and how that can be Vesey with the team fame. So the biggest thing is us fast. Four games at home pays your Celtics tips off at eight o'clock. The Notre Dame women will try to punch their ticket to the national championship. We'll have to go through Yukon once again in a rematch of last year's semi-final tip off is at nine o'clock. And the cubs were swept by the Braves nine to four reds were shut out by the pirates to nothing. The Indianapolis Indians fellow Columbus ten to four I'm marked WIBC sports. Your kids, and you can parent them. Anyway, you choose when you decide to raise your kids online and become a YouTube star to talk about all the cool things you do with your kids. You have eight million subscribers you might get somebody disagrees with your parenting, not only the after take it you have to take every last bit of Tony cats ninety three WIBC on Facebook. Tony cats radio be sure to like the page. I want to say, they're terrible parents call and savanna LA Brandt don't know, Colin savannah, LeBron's. They have eight million YouTube subscribers, and they do I guess videos with their two kids young young kids. And with one of the young kids who is is named Everley name is ever Lee. Are they tell her she's she's one all four three or four years old? And then there's an infant as well. They're going to have to give away the family dog. They're going to have to give away the.

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