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He lived in caves and at one point he almost died in. I mean, I'm not using that according to his telling of the story, this is not just kind of he got super sick. I mean, we really almost died, and he has an amazing account of a near death experience where he is after having done decades of really intensive meditation awake and aware as his body is falling apart. So that's fascinating to this is also the story of the western writer who. Elaborated with this monk to tell the story. The writers name is Helen torque of and she's our guest this week. And she and the aforementioned monk whose name is Ming your room. Prochet have written a book about this. It's called in love with the world. It's just out. So we're going to talk about what what does that mean in love with the world. And what did she Helen learn in the process of this because she is a long standing relationship with Ming Rinpoche as she's a student of his and she's a a writer herself. So what did she learn in in all this? And what can we learn from it? That's all coming up. I a couple of items of business one is we have to new meditations up in the ten percent happier app. The newly redesigned revamped ten percent of happier act, which has a whole new look to it so going you're an app subscriber going update at you'll see we've got a whole snazzy new look also very interested to hear what you think of that. So hit me on Twitter or go to go. Tell your coach on the app. Will you think? We're we really want to know the two new meditations one is from Joseph Goldstein's called 'em to is. And then another one called understanding stress by initia- fan Fernando poli the other item of business is that my colleague Dr Jen Ashton was on the show a couple of weeks ago. She's just written a book called life after suicide about what she and her family went through after her husband or actually they'd been divorced for two weeks. So her recent recently ex husband died by suicide and she started a podcast, which you should go. Check out it's called life after suicide you can go and subscribe right now, and the second episode has just gone up, and it is an interview with her daughter Chloe, and it is really quite a wrenching discussion about how Chloe was a college student reacted to the loss of her father and how she's been dealing with grief. Okay. Helen torque of our guest this week. She is the founding editor of a magazine called tricycle the Buddhist review, which is the first and only independent Buddhist magazine. She also before her most recent book, she wrote a book called zen in America profiles of five teachers. So now, she's got this new book called in love with the world. Helen is has been a long time, meditation practitioner and writer, she has also been a long time student of this particular teacher miniature Rinpoche after he got back from his four and a half year wandering retreat. He reached out to Helen and asked her to work with him on writing this book, he initially as she tells the story he initially wanted to write pretty much all about his near death experience. And and talk about what he saw there to break it all down. She said sure we can read about that. But I think what's equally. If not more interesting is why. Why anyone would walk away from you, basically having it all of, you know, being such a highly esteemed meditation teacher in a world where you know, he has all these attendance taking care of him and all these students who adored him, and he went out and lived on the streets. And of course, this move that he made of giving everything up is what she means by dying before you die letting go of everything and sort of living from that spot. And we talk about how in this episode. Helen, I talk about how we the rest of us can incorporate this wisdom, this perspective without living on the streets or living in a cave..

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