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Taxpayer advocates are offering to help Elliot unified teachers who are opposed to the strike and want to leave the union Constantino road ideas with reform California says there statewide campaign is to inform government workers and teachers that they can opt out of their union the union have, you know, just really been benefiting themselves in the union bosses in the politicians instead of looking out for the best. Interest. You know, the teachers and the students attorneys working pro Bono are offering to help teachers by going to their website union dues rebate dot com. Ninety eight percent of UT LA teachers voted last summer to authorize a strike, James. Rowe haas. KABC news authorities detained at least one person at citrus college in Glendora today after a shooting threat, put the campus and nearby Sousa Pacific university on lockdown Glendora police said citrus college campus remained on lockdown, and that students should say away this happened shortly before noon when citrus college tweeted, if you're not on campus, stay away, go to the nearest room turn off lights. Locked the door and remain quiet about an hour later Isuzu Pacific university also tweeted that it was on lockdown because of its proximity to citrus college shortly after three this is the Pacific canceled classes for the day and soon after lifted that lockdown legendary Broadway star Carol Channing has passed away Genting fell in love with a theater in San Francisco went as a child. She would go backstage with. Her mother to distribute Christian Science literature to actors while modeling and acting in the nineteen forty. She was cast as Laura Lee, gentlemen, prefer blondes,.

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