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You're with WTO three and dean lane But Friday morning May 20 has Claudia with us at one 28 in the morning on WTO fee Good morning to rich hunter in the WTO feed traffic center Good morning dean right now traveling in Maryland south found 95 south of route 32 to two right lanes past the works and two 70 south on 1385 Bucky's town pike you down to a single right lane to the work zone also doing the same on the Nord found side approaching exit 31 two 70 Nord found in Rockefeller between montrose road and falls road to right lanes past the work there working on the bay bridge this morning westbound span blocked for overnight maintenance eastbound carries two way traffic one lane for each direction on the travel as of late delays have been brief 70 westbound and Howard county issue had west of route 32 toward Maryland 97 single left lane passed to work eastbound working east of U.S. 29 in Colombia I should say in Howard county exit 87 headed toward the batavia river single left lane get you by the work there Two ten south on it should south to the belly toward Kirby hill road still down to a single left lane to the work some but as of late days there Virginia over in loudoun county series crash still closing Ryan road each way at north star boulevard Again watch her police direction they were redirecting folks each way there as a result 95 southbound down in Stafford county as you approach and pass the exit for route 6 30 Stafford X one 40 again it does appear that traffic may be stopped in the work zone I want you to get by you will get by a single thoughts left Once they stop traffic they can hold it for up to 30 minutes rich hundred WTF traffic Storm team four tracking the first heat wave of the summer Well it's not even summer but we're going to see the temperatures in the 90s Going 93.

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