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Even tried to convince the jury that the only reason her DNA was found on objects in the garden shed was because they were once in her house. She described herself as unlucky and in the wrong place at the wrong time. The prosecution said Shawna's assertion of innocence was ridiculous and the people of Bristol agreed. On November eleventh two, thousand, Fifteen, the jury deliberated for just three and a half hours before reaching a verdict. They found both Nathan and Oth- guilty of all charges. The judge ruled that the murder was a sexually motivated plot organized by both parties with Shauna pandering to Nathan's fantasies and following his lead. On November Thirteenth Two Thousand Fifteen twenty nine year old Nathan. Matthews was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of thirty three years. Twenty two year old Shawna though cleared of murder charges was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a minimum of seventeen years..

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