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And just put up, you know, glass barriers as the president walked from backstage to the front of stage to keep people not exposed Teo to him. Duke last bears now in president's speeches when Pope speech, so that's not uncommon, and I think we'll get more clarity in the next 24 hours. I think everybody infecting everybody is in the room. Just figuring out how the next 3 to 4 days look like Republican strategist Bryan Lanza were more on the election campaign now from Rachel, Bitter coffer who's an erection forecaster on host off the Election Whisperer podcast. In one aspect. It changes very little, and that's the contours of the vote choice, right? It's not going to change. That means they were still looking at pulling that's going to show Biden ahead. Hyperpartisanship polarization has made voter sentiment very in elastic, so that things even giant pandemics and infected president Don't impact voter choice, right? But in other ways, we're going to have a massive change, right? I mean, here's the last 30 days of the election, and we certainly can't see the president going into debates. Even if he ends up with a mild version of the Koven 19. He was doing this irresponsible in person rally. Traditional campaign style approved to election earing, and that obviously is not going to be happening now, too, so we really are going to see profound differences on the close of this cycle is going to be impacted pretty grandly. The one thought that I've heard ad Is If the president were to be quite seriously ill. With this, there would be public concern public sympathy might that lead to some minds being changed? Here's the thing. Yes, there will be great public sympathy if it was the opposite situation where you were looking at the Republican electorate, and they had to feel sympathy for Joe Biden. I think we would see a more constrained response. But my guess is that Democrats were going to be pretty sympathetic. And I guess politically civil about Trump and about these other key Republicans who are getting diagnosed with this virus, right? But in terms of voting, no, you will not see people changing their vote choice to vote for Donald Trump. Merely because he's been diagnosed with Koven 19 to that announcement. My first question would almost inevitably have bean about the presidential debate and the impact that might have had on the voters. What's your take on that now? We are looking at this debate that really has no parallels right? Weak. It was not a debate by any traditional sense. The reaction wass universally negative in terms of his intensity, I think and the way that he was cutting, biting off But again, I really did not expect it to move public opinion. I have been talking quite a lot about how little swing there isn't the swing voters do to hyper partisanship and polarization, especially trying to get people to understand that most independence Lean towards the Democrats or to the Republicans, and therefore, you know, we're really talking about a much smaller pool of people that we call pure independence. And you know Biden is winning in this group about 60 40. Rachel. Bitter coffee election forecaster. You're listeningto weekend from the BBC World Service..

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