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Three sophomore six point three rebounds he'll be in the backcourt along with prentice nixon at six two he's averaging fifteen and a half points to assist and their third perimeter player will be jape baba six six senior ten points and six rebounds the guys inside obd on james 6'8 junior ten points five rebounds and nico car by joe six eleven sophomore ten points ten rebounds he has 10 doublesdoubles this season for the rams anthony bonner lorenzo jacket and jd page are going to repay dropped the patch tonight he had twenty of the game here last year for the rams against the broncos since we'll be playing for the first time in six games we're talking about the starting lineup for the broncos i want to point out zach haney and i think he's going to have his hands full with niko kovac will not so much the car battery was a big time scorer but he's a very physical player in the last few games that cuny's minutes have been very limited because of foul trouble i'd like to be able to play physical but also stay off the bench and aid the game because they are going to need him at full strength when the tournament gets here he's the guy that's the difference maker eight because so much of what he's able to do is ten he stay out of foul trouble i think he gives boise state difference from the battle sometimes on those switches vertebrae switches you can output him inside and i know it's about four five events with their six seven but it's something that during parts of the game but he's able to do it broncos took advantage of yet they did in hand he's gotten much much better on the offense of and this year compared with her two year he's hitting that little jump hook with great consistency but he just needs to stay at a foul trouble then let's take a look at the bench two guys that need to.

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