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Points now. Buy versus rent? Maybe an easier decision now. I'm Jeff cable. Ten 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s Rita kesslers in the WTO traffic center. Huawei have quite an issue on 66 eastbound here in the delay before nutley street headed toward the beltway before the beltway. That is the same to the crash. You were staying to the left to get by, but watch for any police direction there. Southbound 95 slows crossing the Aquaman, northbound no reported issues, three 95, no reported problems as well. Now, if you're on the beltway, it is the outer loop in a delay from three 55 around past the merge with the two 70 spur, but before river road, with nothing reported, elsewhere on the beltway, no reported issues. We are seeing delays on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, northbound from NASA Goddard to powder mill road, southbound slows passing NASA Goddard as well, so keep an eye out for anything there. Problems on three O one and Bowie northbound near mitchellville wrote in Queen Anne bridge road was a report of a crash. But we're definitely seeing a delay southbound so that may actually be a problem in the southbound direction. Northbound then slows in Croft and en route three after four 50 defense highway, near Crawford boulevard, that's going to be a crash involving an overturn dump truck so the dump truck on its side Polish report, whatever was in the dump truck is across the roadway. Traffic may not be moving at this point on northbound three in crafting. New Hampshire avenue in your crest haven drive had been a report of a wreck. We also had Brighton dam closed east of New Hampshire avenue due to a downed tree in the district. Fox hall road was closed between Macarthur and reservoir, so keep an eye out for any redirection there from an earlier cleanup in activity from a crash, northbound in the third street tunnel before New York, avenue, the broken down vehicle had been along the left side with the tow truck on the scene, but we're still seeing delays near Massachusetts avenue. Better travels coming to 66 the left lanes on 66 between 28 and Gainesville are closed to prepare for the express lanes opening later this month. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. Samara theodora has our forecast. As we head through the remainder of your Tuesday temperatures will rise into the low 80s with a break in the clouds providing a

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