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Five days still searching for victims of the mudslides in matta sito california at least nineteen or dad least five still missing today more than twenty one hundred people were part of the search rescue our recovery efforts backup quarterback nick falls at a good game but it was philadelphia's defense that held at the end to preserve the eagle's fifteen ten win over the atlanta falcons i'm rich johnson and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters treasury secretary steven mnuchin threatened to target tax audits at residents of states such as california and new york that are seeking ways to restructure their state income taxes to lessen the blow of the new tax law hightax states have been looking for ways to creatively get around the tax law that caps at ten thousand dollars the amount of state and local taxes their residents candidat munitions speaking at the economic club of washington yesterday said i can assure you we will audit the real estate taxes issue despite fears that rising interest rates and a potentially faltering bond bull market could signal an end to stock market gains investors don't need to worry just yet that according to barons in its january 15th issue louisi amata who heads her namesake technical advisory firm says a true bond a bear market would start when the 10year treasury yield breaches the three percent resistance level which is still far off the 10year no it was last quoted at a yield of two point five four percent the mi2 movement could have an impact on the upcoming bill cosby trial we get the story on that from bloomberg's michael barr jurors druten agreed the first german world where the jewish served a woman's story that she was sexually assaulted over a decade ago above comedian now gaas we faces a retrial in less than ninety days in a vastly different cultural climate all full member molly word to the us senate urban toppled by allegations of sexual misconduct legal experts say the seismic change in supporting victims of sexual assault will likely trickle into the gaza we retrial slated to begin april ii michael barr bloomberg radio global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries i'm susanna palmer and this is bloomberg.

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