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There was there so much rust on a cage and I was hoping that those actresses have their tetanus shots and then they lowered it and of course I'm just gonna tell you the cage drops down because I'm gonna tell you everything you kind of figure that and they have to deal with all the sharks and everything else and it's because they had Janke equipment right like stupid acquit meant that's just not gonna work stuff that's going to fall apart and this this equipment like they had one thing that was just shoddy it was just there when sure whatever broke off their boat and so anyway my point is you're literally allowing your child to get on a catamaran and go to Spain with people who take pictures of themselves and put up on Instagram four weeks weeks three weeks are you kidding me oh my gosh I just don't I can't man see I'm like what is it with these parents because I'm sorry you know mama opera high maintenance her mom that's her mom's name mama opera high maintenance she was an opera singer yeah you know that woman again she's not going on this boat she's not going on this but with her this is like this is the equivalent of like you your husband upgrade to first class you make your kids that coat that's what this is is is no way I just find that so you're responsible would you let your kid go with some lifestyle waters and sail across the Atlantic in a catamaran that's a hell no data yeah well you Rachel now yeah I there's no way no way so Callie I don't want anything bad to happen to our but man these parents I can't believe no one's going parents because she how old is she she's under eighteen yeah I don't think she's considered I thought I still think she's considered a minor in the country in which you live so anyway that's that's how we got it my gosh it's so crazy all right so we have more in store we've got today and stupidity coming up you know want to miss that so also as we get going up because we reserve cross America I am really I'm excited to work with these folks in there what is it the next ones coming up I'm going with my family we sponsored some wreaths and were going to be laying them out on veterans graves at Saturday December fourteenth you can go to read across America dot org and you can find out more information about all of this research cross America dot org so what it is is it started years ago just with Arlington National Cemetery and it's a nap a national nonprofit organization founded in two thousand and seven so they lay wreaths on veterans graves and date the whole mission is remember honor and teach and that is in part carried out by coordinating these wreath laying ceremonies at veterans cemeteries and other locations across the country now because it's expanded and it's about teaching others and going through with your family the and understanding the importance of being good stewards of your fellow man serving one another and service to the country and you realize I thought this was really cool two million volunteers participated back in twenty eighteen and more than a third of the volunteers across the country were kids which I thought was cool.

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