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Think that we're gonna have issues with a few different segments out there. We call these skeptical laggards. Who don't want to pick the vaccine be second third fourth and then they let joe and i freely admit that i'm right there but we can into like yourself over the oh no it won't even take a year like i said i just wanna give it give it a few months. I and and i and i'm in the blink completely reasonable person out there so we think events then eventually. That's angriest rebirth. We don't do much for the anger display with your minds. Pretty much made up a then. We have the cultural sisters. These are these are people of color. Who and frankly no. We made some really devilishly. This system and They are rightfully was reserved. But we think we can convince slowly but surely half of those and then we have the antioxidant no way they're not gonna put the vaccine but when you look at the total resistance. We think we're going to be honest about a sixty percent. Willingness across the united states six hundred day but we know that we can get better about eighty two percent to take the vaccine the community so ill and we have about ten percent who probably going to be sick said would silt overset away from immunity. Right you're going to have some some places other than i don't think we're gonna quite get especially with this new variations. When it's all on the new variation that pushes toward the twenty percent off. Brent and i. i don't think we're gonna win the battle Least not this coming year. Report herd immunity years way Rose the united states looks as far willingness to take an action and you can see that Luckily wisconsin is pretty willing as much willing figure that we are but Indiana ohio chicago pennsylvania. When i was outed by states don't want the sexy very likely zet ann arbor or what's out yet already. Have newton space so they throw saying sign me up right and you know Up in the. Up we've got some young people want Saginaw that say county. Who's the most resistant. Their public office five percent. I mean if you switch that yellow to read this map would look pretty similar to another map country. I hadn't thought just an option just putting that out there. Yeah yeah as who did this study. Msnbc cnn bob carnegie this is carnegie mellon they did this survey of i think it's sponsored by the superset Fifteen thousand they actually get every county and they went through what they're pretty pretty diligent about this and man. I haven't thought of that. I i didn't realize louisiana was positive that read i got texas redder texas i guess attorney group. Liang's a sort of an idiot i'm gonna have to now. I want to over lamb curious. Yeah it's it's all the people that fled california because of the taxes in the laws of texas and still vote. The right i i had. I hadn't realized that that is pretty wild. Wow georgia georgia just turn blue and they visually so that that would be yeah barely out early. Wow but yeah it's interesting. Does all look lines a little bit More than a little bit interesting. Wow a great point. I just pulled us up today as percents in public. So it doesn't it doesn't match because if you go back like the mid the upper midwest and south is like very no and it's the whole upper midwest is a lot yes so yeah i i don't think it does match might be but like i said it'd be interesting to do an overlay in just. Yeah yes you are. What about well. Or or yeah. I mean you have 'cause asian and then you have coincidence but made it. It'd be interesting. yeah anyways. So that's the way that will really gonna lose. This is ecu social media. The reason i burn really miss this and social media and so right now. This is a shot of thirteen hundred music. Follow eighty five million books who Questionable vaccinations general. And this is two thousand. Nineteen this before covid. You can see the basically there two big groups. The first group is the who are scientists and vaccination advocates generally And there's another that's very. That's antidotes are against vaccinations and then there's a much larger group out of time to get things up. They're not really sure but you can see the generally the end of xers are pulling more with bringing over to them in the blue are over to that so the fight for that middle hesitant by the people who are on the ads and that wish you're on the advocacy side. What happens is that the scientists feel an obligation to tell the truth and we always talk both things up as a funny percent chance. There's an evening when we never really talk in absolutes. There's always a chance of something else will still. Everything's sort of an experiment. Things take a long time. To figure. Things out your. We're not very well. Sort of inaugural silos yellow fire. All we don't they don't talk to each other a we're nominal silos. Were and were. Were not very attentive of the things. We have beta note the number will they will convince people and of course so you know They're not going to be terribly you. They're not going to be exploited exit another van the we are super emotionally engaging emotionally. They've got lots of partners. No you touch a sighted. Son of on tile krishan. You're going to get invited to an added that almost one percent they got lots of scale. There they're motivated And they are focused on finding convince the end side of come over for them And basically the underside of the little. Don't trust institutions. The now they hearing a lot of looking pinch opinions. They want to have and the constantly hitting refreshed up. Know what's happened today. Right chapman science today. A lot of athens off. I mean it's amazing. Aliens of landed in wisconsin. We're what happens. Every the ended on the so at any rate and the real problem is that that this quote This is a face. This is a quote from facebook executive two-thirds of time this is a study that a user joins inexperienced book on facebook because our was actually recommended. So there there's a lot of you know so they're gonna be attract overdose. What was interesting. is that it turns out. There's a google monitors what's going on It's not in the us in the us. They actually look at how much false information democracy false make blowing through the internet and on average get this summer sausage remission. No but i'm i'm i'm going better than fifty percent. It has to be not not a percentage about how the volume the ask. Bob's number. what what. No one hundred dollars per hour. Gosh i'll throw i dunno quarter-million. Wow ten thousand de amounts of lean in incorrect stuck willing to brow on and interestingly on the day of the four the white resigned i know this is because they.

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