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Cruise lines are feeling and now all of them are jumping on board and they're reacting to it. They're putting the pause and to see if we can stop it. Yep So Other cruise lines this is what's going on Disney cruise line port Canaveral Cruise Terminal Up Serving. Orlando on the world's second busiest port after port. Miami will temporarily lose one of its major cruise lines. After the corona virus pandemic prompted Disney cruise line to announce it will suspend all ceilings beginning Saturday except effectively Through the end of March eight cruises will be cancelled as a result and this will be also effecting All four cruise ships and this would extend until April twelfth right now and then a Disney cruise line said it will offer passengers affected by this decision. A future cruise credit or a full refund and the details will be provided directly to them. This is going to Disney This is gonNA be affecting also their private island castaway Cay and They are going to continue There to take care of their crew members in their staff and the people On shoreside employees during the suspended operations and keep paying them as well also With Disney parks all Disney parks after today..

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