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Yep i want your team to defeat the contending team so that i'm sure there are people who don't like a dream trait out there however i had or no i feel like he's ease i can't think of someone who is more widely adored and this is coming from again that the sort of social media bubble where everyone on twitter loves adrian beltre because he does things that are so eminently tweet a bladder knowhow people's parents feel but adrian beltre they actually probably don't know who adrian beltre is so that's fine parents you're missing out but i was pulling up some numbers because one of the things so remarkable about adrian beltre is of course how he's performed as he has gotten older he signed sort of that pillow contract after his mariners than ththen and it was an open question how much bell trey was going to be able to do with his talent and since turning thirty adrian belle trey according to baseball reference has the 19th highest so yet essentially looking for it i highest post thirty wins but replacement rate and for position players according to baseball reference he ranks in nineteen th place just barely behind ozzie smith and charlie garin during eddie collins luke appling etcetera so veltri there is it fifty one winds above replacement where only eight players have cleared sixty so bedri looks good on baseball reference he looks a little worse on thank rafts would be a defensive thing but he's still in twenty th place all time for post thirty wins but replacement again just among position players but as a good list the two names behind him or call your strength skin willie stargell two names in front of them are frank robinson and bob johnson there's jim bedminster per john's wade boggs at martinez at cetera this is a list of almost will it is a list of exclusively great players because of course i searched for players who were great so that's kind of selection bias right there if you want to say but people have so many.

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