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The fans so situation over there so i quote a break over i got to admit yes for trusting alex smith andy reid twoway eight points in a playoff game considering a story and you could sense of bro the minute mary oda had that deflected past that went into his arms for a touchdown you could tell that the crowd was and see how about the botched pawn and kansas city set up and they try to kick a feel a missing all the momentum was on a saturday tighten state played well in the second half and i'll be fair they deserved away at full year though i was pretty high bar the fao coup game kimiko with the falcons you know and calmer champion cleaning it the ran ran to having been in the playoffs in a long time i just how to take the points and just worked out they both one i didn't think they're both gonna win the game play did toil of course they were going to cover as i gave an arch body when you call yourself jeff body it's about whether or not you're gonna win were mad is the most and listen if you feel frisky on saturday and you took both on the dog's not only to win book cover let's say you're having a much better day than i am right exactly what of course something was up by me taking to underdogs supplies that especially jeff money with the way the favorites had been covered down generally she has been crazy and very crave year but you know now it's sunday and now things change with the new day you know so this week owing why pook with hyundai i like my money play could be on the saint might affect the kind of half over the pampered and i gotta go with them with being a great home team and then the second game accunet go with the jaguars my the eight and a half over the bill we don't know what the situation with mccoy the the issue how healthy easy going to be he's thirty per senator offense and i see where you going there i see where you go with both pace of as the two questions before we say goodbye number one how concerned about beating the team three times that are all very clearly fake it'd be a charm but you know i've got those scary scares me too.

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