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Some jeopardy okay? No cheating. James whole sour won a measly fifty eight thousand is thirty first consecutive win. He's now a two point three eight million. He's only a hundred and fifty thousand away from Ken Jennings all time record. So you wanna play. Let's see if we can get some. All right. No cheating tile. Hopefully she picked up some good ones here. There's a Barbie doll based on this nineteen nineties TV show about beautiful and fifth lifeguards on LA county bay watch game. They watch. All I was there. But I said it I it's the very short name for the longest river in Italy, the Arno. No, the PO sorry to Pope, Paul river. The PO river was such short. Uh-huh. Game. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. Oh oh, Yes, What's short for. It's PO river. Okay. Oh, did you hear Joe? I got that the PO river. I got the first one, I watch he got Baywatch. Oh, that was tough. The Moroccan city where the sheltering sky was written gave its name to this citrus, fruit, tanger-, ten gene. Japan's and here. Got it. One. Got it Natalie. Because I read the sheltering sky, when I wait a second. So what does ten year? That was incorrect way. They're tangerine his name. I gave it. All right. Final jeopardy. The category for final today is national anthems flares. Here's your clue. It's an thumb was adopted in one thousand nine hundred forty seven to replace one by Joseph Haydn that had been tainted by association with Nazi Germany. Yeah, because they had the correct response. The country was Austria..

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