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Philly dot com. I'm Tom Kelly. From SportsRadio WIP sports update. As the Phillies weighed on Bryce Harper to make a decision of where he will play this year the players currently on the roster are in Clearwater preparing for the season. One of the young players expected to take a step forward is, sir. Anthony Dominguez who impressed his rookie campaign for more on the young reliever. We go to KYW's Ricky Ricardo. It was a strong first outing of the spring for Phillies fire balling relievers. Sarangani Dominguez who invoked the name of a superhero when asked about how will you feel throwing his hundred mile an hour fastball. All like superman. You feel good about your work now guarantee for me. I can think about it. I can't feel like a guarantee I believe, but I just wanna work hard to get Dominguez will be a key part of the Philly bullpen in two thousand nineteen in Florida, Ricky, Ricardo KYW NewsRadio. On Sunday, the Phillies beat up on the Tigers. Great for league play ten to six. Nick Williams, went two for three with three run home run. Dylan cousins homered as well. Scott Kingery went two for three with two runs scored. It was a tough day for Villanova Sundays. They lost his your sixty six fifty four. Jay writes squad has now lost three straight and four of their last five. Villanova live another tough piggies match up on Wednesday as they host eleventh ranked Marquette on Tom Kelly from sports radio ninety four WIP for KYW NewsRadio. When I had my brother, take me places. It was always like we have to get there early. So.

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