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Up on scene they put into place this haphazard plan to take him into custody they threw a flashbang sex sector dolled on him tried to shoot him with a taser shock on which didn't work you have no arm and then two officers fatally shot him as he was turning away from them oh and it was at that time one of the clearest looks in american history from an officer's perspective at a fatal police shooting the entire incident was captured on the helmet camera of one of the officers who shot james boyd a week later the albuquerque police department released the video and it's a very difficult video to watch it it's a man being killed on video that zone from a human perspective it's it's brutal i remember seeing a video over it over and over as probably know millions of other people i did not see why it was necessary to shoot him at the time that they shot i didn't understand that now i can tell you as a as a prosecutor as dna lino we don't have the luxury of looking at that tape of the shooting in jumping to conclusions it's so i want more information it would take the albuquerque police department six to turn over its report of the james buoyed shooting to the district attorney's office once carry had it in her hands it took her one month to decide what to do we felt like we have probable cause and there was enough question and that we needed to prove seat by way of preliminary hearing and allow a judge to look at everything and decide whether or not to move the case forward to trial entered there for the first time that you're deciding to file murder charges against trafficers yes what would different about the boy cave we'll for one we had a video of it that showed the actual shooting and it was very clear we have probable cause nina we had evidence that would meet that legal standard we told the community win we had probable cause we would go forward or at a heart.

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