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Companies are working to take grids down to fix lines it could be intermittent power could be out for multiple days in some of these areas fema administrator brock long updating reporters this morning he says they're going through three million meals and two million bottles of water a day he says some ten thousand people have been rescued since harvey blew through but the problems continue nearly one hundred twenty thousand people in the city of beaumont are without water as a range from harvey have flooded the city's water palme's killing supply and correspondent bill rakoff reports on early morning blast in crosby texas another day another set of complications from now tropical depression harvey moving further inland two explosions reported overnight at the flooded arkham a chemical planet crosby texas possibly involving what officials describe as organic peroxides manufactured there cbs's david begg knows near the plant people who have gone a little made adequate will given rude but black smoke we're asking a lot of question we're happy by with iraq in what way plant officials had predicted the explosion saying the critical cooling systems had failed at the facility i'm bill rakoff in other news now harvey or what's left of it will be putting a damper on things around here for at least part of the weekend wbz's carl stevens with that wbz tv meteorologist pamela gardner says harbury is going to thunder northeast over the next couple of days draped gene up toward tennessee kentucky and then this weekend you'll be knocking on our door second part of this weekend some of the moisture from harvey will move across southern new england so the this means we could see about half an inch of rain sunday and then drying up for monday shouldn't be too bad half an inch of rain on sunday is above fifty one inch is less than what they got in houston girl stevens wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time eight o to quite the process but the celtics officially have their point guard career of area guests avery bradley right thigh kyriacos allowed him to the halls off the widow of the fao highway has been spectacular in amid die tweet the celtics confirmed they landed irving in that blockbuster deal with cleveland cavaliers adam coffin gets us up to speed in sports straight ahead wbz news time eight o three traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes brought to you by ever source here's briscoe king.

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