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I and that's the sad to say that's my experience. Unfortunately throughout the country. Not just where. I live at as much as i praised the cops. You have more and more cops right now. They're running off the force and that trying to stay either and the lesson. They're the so afraid to do anything. Which means that. You're not going to get the kind of protection you want. The guys worrying about if someone's gonna shoot him or if someone's going to them if someone's gonna fire him if somebody's gonna put him in jail hell you become a cop if you have to worry about all those things especially when the statistics show us clearly for five decades now. That's a percentage of cops have done dumb things extremely small as always has been in fact most the mirth of the murders and the united states would guns. And i am earning community are pretty much done by monari person which means in hispanic community most of the murders of the then by hispanics in the black community. Most of them with guns overdone done by by the fellow black citizens. Unfortunately we don't hear that kind of stuff. We say that kind of stuff. You're a bad person. Unfortunately it's true. It's true every day. it's true week year checkout chicago every damn day. No-one no-one one's site. We have a ten thousand our organizations out there that they claim they care about people. Nobody else going out there. Why out there protesting that. Stop those gangs. You know what can be done to the cities into places around the world of people actually just went where they should be going to stop the real things that are going on the real crime. That's the real crime. Might there but as easy to somebody else because it's going to get more more attention from the media a media another example of things. We cannot count on more times than that. We don't get any any kind of honesty integrity from anymore. It's only saying now you know we really should have looked at that china angle. Before but in many instances we just felt at trump was racist and we just didn't believe him so we didn't want investigated. Well guess what that has nothing to do. What your journalism. Because you could still have felt that the guy was dead and you could still investigated that story to steve a had any legs to it. They didn't do that all came from him and must be bad. That's not journalism that's actually politics and you're supposed to be above that so you can't even these folks any longer. Now get somebody else in the office. Yeah when you look at. I think it could be right. You know why all these people saying this two reasons. There's more more evidence surfacing now that is the case that that's the first reason and secondly is now folks feel more comfortable of talking about it because if the new president believes this and there's no way he could be racist that's not possible. The man who literally says the anti black and anti semitic things on a regular basis go to go to youtube is about fifty of them there. From the nineteen seventies onward. No let's not do that. These are the facts. Were talking about him folks. This is what we should do as writers talk about these things. Learn about these things. Live these things because we can't be right as without that which is going to be another voice out there that is trying to get along understanding. Okay you're trying it along. Please stop writing. Go into the post office to get along with somebody else there. Maker seventeen dollars an hour k. Hope norwalk in with a gun..

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