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People in this country have it and specifically black people than in most countries but i mean better is not what is in the united states diversify aired too like i mean minorities are supposed to just settle for better what right that's right it's bet you've had it you've they want equality no but i'm saying that's that's part of this conversation low like that it's like well you've got it really guard and then you start you start going through like if if we were to go if we were to use that logic right i believe there are thirteen or fourteen countries where domestic abuse is not a crime of any time where america so we're doing it better right we're doing it better than other places but we doing it right no we're not doing domestic abuse right we should and just be sowing for better hope were doing better than i am i i think i've got that right i think there are double digit countries where domestic abuse is not any kind of crime none any kind of crime you can hit your wife so i brought up morocco anna this show ozarks that you were raving about a few months ago i decided on my trip to morocco i was going to watch that show so speaking of different countries having a different standards pornography is illegal and morocco there are a lot of graphic sex things and ozarks so i'm sitting in a moroccan airport trying to watch a ozarks an all types of nudity people go in eight ice police walking behind me immediate and terrify but also thinking like but i can watch this is not wrong so almost ended up in a moroccan jail on and i don't remember allies are having a lot of did ozark have a lot of only remember this is initially early on in the season marker ozark is good you should watch it did you like it you finish the season i was in joining except for just been nervous though i am that i was going to get arrested in and if you want to get scared guys you read read about what the penalties are in some countries for having marijuana on.

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