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I think okay those are those are very valid reasons fair enough an i'll just challenge those listening to the show if you tweeted did not to underscore show at what was your favorite certification exam and why or lease favorite and i'm just curious just the name of the certification josh your favorite one just the name these yet at adjacent to you as well saved have through the process of the old lay all right oh man i totally remember those cisco unified fabric whatever type certifications that had basically zero roots of the practical world i i was pretty proof of london when i had to take them and i had to choose through one a new one like every couple of months or satellite i really did not a joy that at this was ironically to give cisco like a kudos one of the primary reasons i started to pursue the cca data center examined obviously was interested in the technology but when i found out that the written example refresh all of the expiration dates of these thirty plus check boxer it's i had to take a gap going down that route south i was happy that they enabled me to do that it was a nice thing for them to do so that i can keep everything up to date but let you eat them just in case someone the heard me talking about certain a disparaging way and we talked about test king and some with cheating that's gone um i just want to make it clear i still think certifications are really a fantastic way to learn if you use them in the right way and so if you're going.

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