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Faulting on their loans. We're going to these four profit colleges, and so the Obama administration created these rules that said, you know, if you're graduating students that are not making a lot of money and or taking on too much debt that they can't repay. We're gonna shut you down. We're going to cut off your federal money and and we reported last week that Betsy DeVos is planning to repeal that rule to sort of let you know for profit colleges operate is that used to write and this these these rules Obama wanted to put these rules into effect after the collapse of to for profit colleges, Carinthian college in IT technical institute which collapsed. They collapsed in two thousand fifteen in two thousand sixteen, and they were found to have misled students with false advertising misleading claims that kind of stuff. So these were rules essentially to protect students from this kind these kinds of alleged abuses. Right. Exactly. That's cool. We're saying, you know, if you. Through this program, you're, you have a ninety, nine percent guarantee of getting a job and students were enrolling in taking on huge amounts of debts, and those things were just turning out to be flatly not true. And this is also led to lawsuits by a whole bunch of attorneys-general across the country. We're going to be hearing from one of them at the bottom of this hour. But essentially, what is the case that these attorneys general are making. Well, they are saying they're suing Betsy DeVos because she is trying to repeal both the the game full employment rule, which would shut down some of these worst. The worst of the worst colleges, you know, the ones that really are not graduating people with any kind of earnings power. And then there's another rule that I think we'll get to in a moment that that she has sort of rolled back where students who went to colleges that defrauded them or allowed to actually ask the government to forgive their loans, and she's a sort of tried to make that process a little tougher. Right. And why is that? What's the argument in favor of making that process tougher for students who feel that they were defrauded? Well, there's a serious concern. You know the the money on the line is taxpayer money that these students are taking on forgiving, all of it sort of willy nilly is really going to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of not billions of dollars. And so you have to be very careful. The other thing is that the government really tries to recoup money from colleges once they've once they've forgiven loans. And some of these four prophets were saying, well, the the process that you're using to determine whether we've defrauded or students is arbitrary. We're not really getting a chance to show the case that it was. We weren't lying, but it was that, you know, we're being wrongly targeted. And so some of the schools were being asked to pay sums of money that they said they couldn't afford. Now, another issue, the department of education physician interim guidance on how colleges should investigate and penalize sexual assault under title nine, which prohibits gender, discrimination in education. Can you talk a little bit about how she is dealing trying to make those changes? Absolutely. So for years, you know, President Obama had set out these rules governing how campus sexual assault cases could go on college campuses and the. A lot of, you know, specifically accused students, but also more broadly of of lawyers who were saying the process that you're setting up is really one sided and unfair. You know, it didn't some cases the rules. Let victims you know, ask questions of their, you know of the people they were accusing, but not vice versa. And so you know a lot of lawyers and accused student advocates were saying they needed to sort of level the playing field to give accused students more rights for the process. So it's fair to say that Betsy DeVos enter policies. Anthropology proposals are controversial. There disliked by a lot of folks who work in education..

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