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Put some cute music for me. Guess Question Number One. Is What did David Banner. Go to baton. Rouge to pick up from KFC. Must be said in the exact terms. There's no kind of close. It has to be exactly what he went to go. Pick say K. as in kind L. as in Larry. Charm. In Houston. Kills C. K Next question one. Question number two. What. Seven things might David Banner do to? You. All. Banham Mike. Okay. Gosh need to. Perfect perfect I don't. And, if you don't know what I'm saying. Exactly. These are super easy question. David benefit. I'm actually impressed. Mike saying it's GonNa. Be So this last question. Just I just loved that is about. But this would have just from me, because I love it. What a war did cheesy win four times in a row. That's an easy one. That's an easiest. Is that the only three? She by four. Okay. You want me to ask of course ahead. On all right WHAT CITY THEY'RE! My van gets stolen. That's a good way to go down. Good one. Jana added matter of fact, so do they have to? They have all questions. Correct wasn't the third question again. Yeah, you gotTA. You gotTA. Answer all four. Answer all four. Okay, so what? What was question number three against what a war did yeezy win four times in a row, three and number okay. So.

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